The Great Chicago Fire

The Great Chicago Fire is an amazing story.  Soon I hope to fill this page with some of the fascinating things I have learned through my insane amount of research.  Until then, here are a few great websites.

A very thorough website comes from the Chicago Historical Society.  I was especially interested in the Anthology of Fire Narratives that includes over 20 first hand experiences of the fire.  They are often in letter form.  The Great Chicago Fire and The Web of Memory

Did the Cow Do It? – This page is created by Richard Bales, whose book, The Great Chicago Fire and the Myth of Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, was one of the primary books I used for research, especially initially.  His book has incredible notes of his research that allowed me to dig deeper into some topics he mentioned briefly.

PBS has an interactive website that includes a map that shows the progression of the fire with quotes from witnesses to listen to.

For the teachers out there, this is an activity provided by the Chicago Historical Society.

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