Setting Goals

Summer break is over.  Kids are back in school and a new schedule is created.  Now that my youngest is in preschool three mornings a week, I look forward to have “sacred writing time.” Yes, everything will be trying to bite away those precious minutes, but I must protect that time.  Three mornings is not a significant amount of time, but when compared to no time that I had during summer, I’ll take it.

So now that my schedule is established.  It’s time to set goals!  Over the summer I chiseled away at my first rewrite of my MG (middle grade) novel and put it in the hands of my critique group.  Now what?

  • LOTS OF RESEARCH – though this won’t be the kind that fills the pages,  it will add minor details that will hopefully make the story vivid.
  • HONING MY PROCESS – what to do between the first rewrite and the second.  What the second rewrite will look like.  And beyond.
  • HUNTING FOR AN AGENT! – I actually have my first three chapters sitting with an agent now.  She said she would get back to me in one to three months.  ONE TO THREE MONTHS!  I know that’s pretty standard, but every time I get an an email I’m looking to see if it’s from her!  Oh the torture, followed by the most likely end (REJECTION!).  But here’s hoping!
  • ATTENDING CONFERENCES AND what’s the word . . . oh ya, NETWORKING!
  • GETTING A PLAN FOR MARKETING MY BOOK – yes, I am very hopeful!
  • ALLOWING MYSELF TO STOP WRITING – at least this book.  How will I ever think this story is good enough to stop editing it and start on my next project?

So these are my goals over this next school year.  Consequently, these are likely topics of future posts as well.  I will also continue writing book reviews and sharing some great quotes to think about and inspire from writers who have been there and done that.

Any particular topic you would like to see written about in the coming months?

Next time I will continue where I left off before the craziness of summer consumed me: writing books worthy of today’s youth audience.

Until then,

Enjoy Playing with Words!