Because of Mr. Terupt

mr. teruptWriting a book from many perspectives is a challenge I am not sure I will ever be equal to.   How do you move the story forward? It seems like you could get stuck in a scene for a while when you have more than one perspective.  How do you get the reader to care about each character, to IDENTIFY with each one?  If the reader isn’t feeling connected to the characters, they will close the covers or torture themselves to get to the end.

Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea conquered this challenge.  The reader follows several students through the course of the school year and connects with each one.  Many stereotypical classroom personas become characters, and their actions and thoughts ring true.  I was able to relate to each character myself or connect the student to someone I once went to school with or taught.  When one character’s actions result in a grave injury, the reader doesn’t experience just one set of emotions as it effects the entire class.

This story addresses conflicts children deal with on a daily basis, but it also shows how they cope together, or independently, when tragedy strikes.  Every child can relate to this cast of characters and adults will appreciate how genuine the characters are.

I have read other books that have multiple characters.  Most of those books have been a drudgery to get through.  But not this.  This one got it right.  Therefore, Because of Mr. Terupt is a book I am glad was written.  You are good, Mr. Buyea.