Every writer will face many obstacles in the pursuit of creating a manuscript, getting it published, and getting readers to be interested.

This will be a stream of consciousness and a bit of venting.  So here it goes:

Limited time.  Limited ideas. Too many ideas.  Not liking what you have written.  Liking what you have written so much that you are not open to critique. Having no one to critique you. Having people to critique you, but have little to offer.  Mommy guilt.  People who think that what you are doing is merely a hobby.  Having  a support group who is overly involved.  Burn out.  Not knowing your protagonist well.  The art of writing.  Not sounding like a fifth grader wrote it. Balancing dialogue, action, and description.  Being funny.  Being dramatic.   Having time to read.  Under-editing your work.  Over-editing your work.  Creating a protagonist the readers will care about and relate to.  Creating an antagonist that your reader will despise.  Creating great word pictures.  Writing less, but saying more.  Knowing when it is good enough.  And knowing what to do next.

There are probably at least 142 more things to add to this list, but I have only been a writer-in-action for a short while, so I will play my green card.

As to solutions, all I have at this juncture is to never, never, never give up.

Oh ya, one more obstacle : tech problems!

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